Syrah Cortona DOC

Vino Cuculaia

Cuculaia is meant to be an oenological experiment, a trip towards extreme frontier of quality, looking for the limit which Syrah can attain in Cortona’s terroir.

It is made only in the great years, exclusively from Syrah grapes cultivated in our farm, with very low yields per hectare (maximum 4 tons from 5.000 vines), strictly selected throughout the year (especially before and during the harvest) expressly for this wine, all over our best vineyards, above all from our favourite one, named Cuculaia, hand picked (usually from mid-September) into small 15 kg. boxes with ventilation holes.

The grapes are very gently crushed and destemmed (just opening but not crushing the berries), then pumped in temperature–controlled stainless steel tanks, where the slow alcoholic fermentation is carried out for about 15 days; the following maceration of the skins lasts about four more weeks.

Natural malolactic fermentation (only of the free-run wine, because press wine is never used for production of our wines) is spontaneously inducted; follows a long (about 24 months) maturation on lees and ageing period in french premium quality oak barrels from Allier, Nevers and Troncais.

The selection continues in the cellar, depending on tasting from each single barrel; only few hundreds of bottles are finally made at the end of this long process.

Cuculaia is a powerful, but at the same time harmonious, balanced and full bodied wine.

It reveals an intense and elegant bouquet reminding of crushed black pepper, meat, ripe wild berries, light dried fruits, cherries and blackberries, red roses, with notes of sweet spices like dark chocolate, cinnamon and liquorice, plus a lot of fine mineral graphite hints in the beautiful finish.

In the palate all these sensations join in a perfectly balanced body, confirming the extraordinary richness and complexity of flavours perceived by smell, with velvety and well-integrated tannins and lively, pleasant acidity. Exquisite texture, taste of ripe black and red berries, jam, with mineral nuances and balsamic hints. The finish is extremely long, really unforgettable.

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