Rosa del Castagno

Rosato wine IGT

Vino Rosa del Castagno

This wine was born as a challenge: to make a great rosè wine in Cortona from our Syrah grapes. I think we can say that we successed in it! Perfect for the spring and summer time it will match nicely with fish, vegetables, fresh and herbed cheeses, grilled meat and also with pizza.

Rosa del Castagno is made only from Syrah grapes cultivated in our vineyards, with very low yields per hectare (40 q. from 5.000 vines), hand picking the grapes expressly selected for this wine, usually in the first week of September (that is a lightly in advance harvest respect the one of the grapes used to make our red wines).

Afterwards we make a pure “white” vinification: the grapes are very gently crushed and destemmed (opening but not crushing the berries), then softly pressed, later only the free-run must is pumped in stainless steel tanks where it ferments at low temperatures (from 16° to 12°) for about 15 days without the presence of the skins.

After a maturation on lees and stabilisation period in the cellar, the wine is bottled upon sterile filtering.

Its lovely, light amber-coloured pink, and its fresh, floral and fruity fragrance and flavour are the natural result of these simple, ethical and ecofriendly viticultural methods and winemaking processes, in accordance with the best “technological craftsmanship”.

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