“I like to create, every year, real bottles of terroir which can accurately and sincerely express that particular vintage. I like to create a wine that can tell the autumn rain, the winter frost, the summer hot days and cool nights, the colours, the sounds and the smells of that very vintage with its unique and unrepeatable characteristics. That’s the way in which our Syrah of Cortona is created in our vineyards, following the rhythms of nature.”

Fabrizio Dionisio

Since 2003 Fabrizio Dionisio has realized high quality wines in his boutique winery in Cortona. The limited–edition production is focused on Syrah, grape variety which is the symbol of Cortona terroir. The four wines produced, each one hundred percent Syrah, are: Cuculaia, Il Castagno, and “Castagnino”, all Syrah Cortona DOC, and Rosa del Castagno.

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